Thursday, March 13, 2008

How about some green paint for your lawn?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller??

Ok. So my grass is dormant. But it looks more like it's dead. Anyway, my brilliant brother has informed me of this new and exciting trend he spotted. The fabulously talented entrepreneur that he is, he told me that we should paint my grass. Weird, but true. They do it to turf, why not my grass? They actually sell stuff that is not harmful to your grass, and it makes it look a thousand times better during these times when your grass is not growing. And hey, it could probably be used too for the times when your city imposes watering restrictions. It doesn't harm or hinder the natural growth of the grass! How cool is that? So my dear brother came over today and had a paint session with my silly excuse for a lawn. For those of you who don't live in Arizona, it's quite common NOT to have lawns. In fact, it's much easier to have both front and back yards covered in plain, boring sand colored rocks.

I convinced my dh that we did in fact need grass when we bought our swing set for the kiddos. I just had no idea that it was going to be a largely uphill and daily battle to try and keep such a small patch of grass alive in this heat stricken city in which we live. During the summer months, it gets so hot, and the grass does grow. But the problem is watering it, enough. It nearly dies every single day. Just from the heat and the need for endless watering.

So, today like I said my brother (My Go 2 Guy) came over to re-beautify my lawn. After he finished, I must say that it looks great! It even looks natural. You can't tell that it's been painted. It just looks like we take really good care of it!

Here are some pics:

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