Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Took my daughter to the vet today.

Actually, it wasn't because she needed shots or anything. I took her along, because I was silly in my thinking. I was just plain wrong when I thought she might behave herself. Oh how wrong I can be.

My cat, who is 15 lbs plus his new carrier (not weighed), were very heavy. He sat in the car and meowed the entire ride to the vets office. I am thankful that we didn't have a longer ride. My sister was kind enough to watch Eddie for me. If I would have known that my two year old sweetie pie (read: STINKER) was going to act like an actual terrible two year old, I would have begged and pleaded until my eyes bled, or thrown large amounts of cash at my sister if that didn't work left her at home.

Most times, well just about every time when I split up the children, they each behave better. I think they egg each other on. To act like little wild animals. I wish I were kidding. But they do tend to be somewhat normal when they are not together. And Alexa especially. Oh. Except today. Except when I take Corona to the vet to get checked up, and for some shots. You see, this isn't a normal thing we do. Corona never goes in the car for a ride, and we rarely take him anywhere outside the home. He's a cat, not a dog. So I guess it makes sense that he stays home and lounges around.

Well this whole idea of cat in the new carrier and in the car just sent "miss thing" over the edge. She was extremely worried about him in the car. All the meowing had her asking me every two seconds if he was ok. She was singing to him, talking to him, and telling him, and I quote: "Iss OK, mommy's here, iss ok Kuh-oh-nah." All the way to the vet.

So Corona got a bit nervous and peed in the carrier. Fab. The next thing I know, they are asking me to take him out. um.... nuh 'uh. Nope. You got a hose? I told them what had happened, and said I wasn't doing it. They brought a towel, and we drug him out of his cage. (oh that sounds so bad) But you know what I mean. We had to pull him out. And then they took my carrier and hosed it down for me, then brought it back. I toweled him off, and then got some paper towels and washed off his paws and tail.

At this time, miss thing is bouncing off the wood stool there in the vets exam room. She's singing dancing, and chasing the cat around. The cat is trying to hide. Unfortunately he found that there was absolutely nowhere to run. He cowered in the corner. I tried to get her to sit. She kept opening the doors. The cat tried to run out.

And then one of the nice veterinary assistants came in and gave her a bag of goodies. Some crayons, stickers, coloring book and two lollipops. I allowed her to eat one, hoping it would keep her busy. Wouldn't you know it, she can climb the exam table and swing from it while eating the lollipop. Yup, sure can. And the table. I couldn't imagine, nor did I want to, the germs. I pried her hands off, sternly told her to sit, while I dug through my purse for the sanitizing gel. No quicker can I turn around that she is at it again. And oops! The lollipop falls to the ground. I fly to grab it in one lightning quick motion. As you know kids, they would pick that bad boy back up and replace in mouth without a hesitation. Um, I beat her to it, and quickly threw it away. She was sad.

Her sadness was quickly replaced with intrigue as the doctor entered the room. "Why is that man doing that? What is he doing mommy?" He took Corona out of the room briefly, but then brought him back. "Why is he taking our kitty cat mommy? Is he gonna bing him back to us?" I answered all her questions, yet tried to pay attention to his questions, and ask some of my own. It was interesting to say the least.

Alexa dug through the bag. She grabbed the second lollipop. Earlier she had stated that she was going to take that one home for Eddie. Aww, how sweet, I thought. She began to look at the lollipop, she thought about her options and she told me, "Mommy, I'm going to hold this for Eddie. I'm just going to hold it." And she played and jumped around, she told me, "I can see duh man right dere!" And I told her, "he can see you too sweetie!" I don't think he had any children. Just a guess. He might have. He might not like children, but to me, I think he could have acted like he liked children a bit more. And people usually do, especially around some sweet faced baby girl. The guy, seemed not to care very much for her interruptions. She spoke again, "I'm going to open this for Eddie." I told her not to. She forcefully told me, "But I WANT to!" But she couldn't get into it by herself. She then said, "I'm going to bite this for Eddie." And she began to bite on the outside of the wrapper.

I didn't care, I just wanted to finish up, get the cat back in the cage, hand over lots of money and get this little girl out of there. She was getting a little out of hand. A little.

Well, my cat is fine. I think he has the necessary documentation to fly. I will be checking again to make sure. My daughter chewed on the lollipop and cracked it in too many places for it to be worthwhile to my son, so I threw it away. I threw it away in hopes to never think about it again. Until of course we picked him up. Alexa quickly exclaimed, "we got you a push pop Eddie!" And he asked for it, right away. When I gave him the bad news, he cried. I felt so bad.

And as I am getting ready for bed, I am making a mental note to never, ever take a small child to the vet again. It was pretty tough. I'm glad it's over.


Casey said...

Now THAT makes me want to have kids.

Mama Smurf said...

My anxiety level increased with each sentence I read. I feel your pain. Add Joanne Fabric to that list of places you NEVER bring children. I don't know why but that store brings out the worst in my kids.

All these B's and Me! said...

OH MY MY! I KNOW EXACTLY what you mean about toddlers acting up. My 3 year old is a HOLY F'n TERROR when it comes to going out in public. I try to split the kids up like you said and do fun things with Brea and she flips out and embarrases the shit out of me. You poor thing. You had a day from hell.

Tania said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're right...we could be neighbors! So where's your list? I'll be perusing your blog in the coming days!

wondy said...

This is the cutest blog title ever. I also like your layout. The trick I've heard from every photographer I know is, "Take a lot of shots." If you take enough pictures of something some just turn out amazing. So really you just need patience and a big memory card. (I took 92 pictures at the Big Dam Bridge the other night.) I just recently got into it. Thanks for the compliment! I hope you have a good day.

Amber DBTD said...

Sounds a lot like our last trip to the vet, except replace mewing, peeing cat with 65 pound lunging, drooling, shaking neurotic labrador, 5 year old autistic child, and 2 year old daughter.

The vet hates me and my kids.

Noob Mommy said...

Gotta agree with Mama Smurf in that the anxiety was palpable. Cats + kids + out in public = NO GO HOUSTON!

wife.mom.nurse said...

Thanks for stopping by! I had a ton of fun looking at your kid pix, cat pix and admiring your blog makeover...very cool!


Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

What a trip you had! I never did like taking my dog to the Vet. My husband usually did that because it was just to tough handling the dog...I couldn't even imagine how much harder it would have been with a 2 year old in tow.

Anonymous said...

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