Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So. Her rash is breaking up. And that's good. The meds are working. Also good. But we miss Daddy. He's not here at the moment. So if all the people calling for him would kindly stop, I'd appreciate it. But it's not likely that the telemarketers will do that, so I suppose I will go on ignoring them.

We got to talk to Daddy last night. And I'm glad that Eddie got to speak with him. He even told dh to, "lave los manos." Which unbeknownst to us both, his little brain was working fast and furious, and he had to throw his two cents worth in there when we were discussing some few select passages in Spanish. What a smart kid. We both burst out in laughter at the appropriate timing of it all. What a little nut!

Anyway, here is where my dh is right now:

The Dominican Republic. And he was out late last night eating goat. Apparently that's their local dish. Umm.... Yum?Not so much for me, thank you. I personally would have gone for the fish. But hey, he's Colombian, and he's grown up eating interesting and unusual things. I suppose that's why I love him. hmmmm.

Anyway. We are here. And he is there. I'm still happy that he will be back on Saturday. We are awaiting orders. And then it will all be a bit more official. Real. And then scary too. Our house hasn't even shown once. And the street upon which we live is littered with homes for sale and rent. That bites.

I'm praying that something comes our way soon. There has to be at least one person that wants to buy my house! It's pretty! Well, we have rubbed some of the pretty off, but it's still nice. And come on, I'd even throw in a carpet allowance. And some paint. I know an AMAZING painter: My Go 2 Guy

So. I better run. I have to go and do mommy related things. And clean. And pay bills. And eat. At some point.

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